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Our Master Class Webinar Series brings together industry experts to discuss complex topics with a focus on real life applications through quantitative data, case studies, and open dialogue. Each 30-minute session will include a presentation and open Q&A, so you will walk away with a thorough understanding of the most effective online proctoring strategies for your program. This is not an entry-level, 101 course; this is ProctorU Master Class. 

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What Is the "Cost" to An Institution When Cheating Occurs?

October 26, 2:00PM - 2:30PM CDT

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What is the true cost to your organization when you are faced with a cheating scandal? With the surge in online education due to COVID-19, it’s important to understand the value of your content and the risk associated when integrity is compromised, such as monetary cost and loss of reputation/perception. Join us as we discuss various examples and studies related to online exams, cheating, and repercussions.

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Ashley Norris, PhD, Chief Academic and Compliance Officer 

Ashley oversees compliance, including policy, procedures, and quality, at Meazure Learning. She has spent the past 15 years in higher education as both a faculty member and administrator across major institutions, such as the University of Alabama. She has been a thought leader on ethics and integrity in education, continuing to spearhead those efforts for Meazure Learning’s key initiatives on academic integrity.